How can you contact the nearest ARGO products supplier?

After adding products to the cart and pointing a specific province, a list of Business Partners appears, providing detailed information on the products offered by ARGO S.A.

Do the devices sold by ARGO have CE certificates?

All devices offered by ARGO have certificates and approvals in accordance with the applicable EU Directives, guaranteeing quality and safety of use.

Can shredders destroy other materials than paper?

It all depends on the selected shredder model. Kobra and Wallner shredders are designed both for destroying paper and plastic elements (e.g. credit cards), some models destroy CDs, floppy disks and even Pen Drive media. Multifunctional specialized shredders such as Kobra CYCLONE or Kobra SSD also enable the destruction of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, discs, tablets and smartphones. Detailed information on the possibility of destruction can be found in the product description.

Will I find energy-saving products in the ARGO offer?

Yes. Kobra shredders are equipped with the Energy Smart system that saves energy. Energy consumption is managed by software, ensuring zero energy consumption in the stand-by function, confirmed by optical indicators placed on the device casing. The Energy Smart system is activated automatically after the destruction is completed – the device remains ready for operation, but the electricity is no longer taken from the power source. Kobra uses energy only when it is needed to destroy documents.

What is the difference between a guillotine and a trimmer?

In the case of a guillotine, cutting is carried out using a “sword” knife falling at an angle to the paper. It is a device ideally suited for cutting larger quantities of paper (15-40 sheets depending on the chosen model). The trimmer, equipped with a rotary blade, ensures precise cutting of even individual sheets, including foil, carbon paper, film, photography and cardboard.