Laminating machine Excelam Hot II 655 Q


11193.00 gross / 9100.00 net

Including VAT (23%): 2093.00

Mostly used by the printing industry for the lamination of offset and digital printouts, such as catalogues, books, booklets, leaflets etc. The lamination permits to obtain a gloss or matt finishing, to bring out the details or enforce the colours. Films also secure from mechanical, chemical and humidity factors.

  • Laminating machine Excelam Hot II 655 Q

Laminating machine Excelam Hot II 655 Q

  • roll laminating machine with hot rollers coated with silicone
  • thickness of laminating pouches between 32 – 250 mic
  • for hot and cold lamination
  • adjustable working gap – up to 5 mm – allows to stick on foam cardboard
  • switch to reverse the work’s direction
  • laser temperature measurement sensor
  • microprocessor temperature and speed control
  • modern liquid-crystal (LCD) steering panel
  • easy-to-use control system of the roller’s pressure and of the film stress
  • maximum laminating speed: 1.6 m/min
  • maximum lamination width: 650 mm
  • warranty: 2 years
Max paper format A3+ (303 x 426 mm)
Max lamination width 650 mm
Number of heating rollers 4
Max thickness of laminating pouches 250 mic
Lamination speed 1600 mm/min
Heating time 7 minut
Cold lamination yes
No need to use carriers yes
Permits to laminate a photo yes
Perform decorations with the metallized stamping foil no
Fully automatic work no
Dimansions 850x456x285 mm