Kobra Cyclone Shredder


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Including VAT (23%): 18112.50

  • 24 hours continuous duty motorKobra Cyclone Shredder
  • Kobra Cyclone Shredder

Kobra Cyclone Shredder

Kobra Cyclone is an unique technological solution for document’s shredding, designed especially to shred larger amounts of paper and other materials: floppy disks, CDs, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, cardboard and board.

The innovative shredding system based on a turbine generating a high pressure air flow and sets of high speed rotating blades allows the use of different security levels. Kobra Cyclone is equipped with an integrated vacuum system specifically designed to provide the operator with clean and dust free shredding environment. Kobra Cyclone is built with a double insulated shredding chamber and special plastic outer housing enclosure for low noise operation.

  • entry width: 325×220 mm
  • amount of shredded sheets: up to 500 sheets of A4 70g/m² paper at a tim
  • security level DIN 66399: from P-2 to P-7 (depending on the strainer used)
  • possibility to shred: paper, cardboard, board, floppy disks, CDs, plastic bottles, aluminium cans
  • waste basket’s capacity: 400 l
  • dimensions: 800x2120x2200 mm
  • shredding system based on a turbine combined with the High Speed Rotating Blades
  • no requirement for special maintenance or oiling of cutting blades
  • possibility to use one of the five available security levels, depending on the requirements (5 strainers for levels of security)
  • motor designed for continuous work
  • inbuilt trolley allows easy transportation and exchange of the bag with shreds
  • three-phase current 380V power supply
  • warranty: 1 year

Exchangeable strainers for Kobra Cyclone shredder
Exchangeable strainer as an element of the cutting system allows to choose one of the 5 security levels.

Sito Bezpieczeństwo Wydajność kg/h kod
Sito 6 Maksymalne 70-80 130060
Sito 5 Wysokie 100-120 130070
Sito 4 Zwiększone 200-230 130080
Sito 3 Średnie 300-320 130090
Sito 2 Podstawowe 400-420 130100
Type of cut shreds
Number of shredded papers 500 / up to 420 kg/h
Shredded media plastic cards, CDs, staples, paper clips, floppy disk, other
Entry width (mm) 325×220
Cutting width (mm) depending on the strainer used
Security level DIN 32757 depending on the strainer used (2-6)
Security level DIN 66399 P-2 to P-7
Automatic Start/Stop man. / auto
Light signal: door open/removed bin no
Optic full-basket indicator yes
24 hours continuous duty motor yes
Motor thermal protection yes
Noise level (dB) 75 / 85
Power (W) 6000
Waste basket’s capacity (l) 400
Dimensions [width x depth x height] (mm) 800x2120x2100
Weight (kg) 440
Automatic oiler no
Automatic paper feeder no