Guillotine RC 466


12939.60 gross / 10520.00 net

Including VAT (23%): 2419.60

  • Special marking of selected devices intended for the most demanding tasks.Guillotine RC 466
  • Special guard ensures work safety during paper cutting.Guillotine RC 466
  • Guillotine RC 466

Guillotine RC 466

  • professional guillotine with an automatic sheet-pressing system
  • sheet-pressing system triggered by blade’s movement
  • the transparent shield guarantees the safety of work
  • ergonomic anti-sliding handle
  • beam of light indicating the place to retire the blade
  • cutting guides for different paper formats on the working table
  • adjustable limiter for cutting dimensions
  • cuts up to 650 (70g/m²) sheets at a time
  • cutting length: 466 mm
  • dimensions of the working table: 466 x730 mm
  • warranty: 2 years
Number of sheets cut at a time 650 (70g/m2)
Cutting length (mm) 466
Dimensions of the working table (mm) 730×466
Cutting guides for different paper formats on the working table yes
Automatic sheet-pressing system yes
Safety shield yes
Paper limiter yes
External paper support yes
Guillotine with stand no